Haitian Food Fort Lauderdale FL

Fort Lauderdale Haitian Food

So you’re sitting at home thinking about some deep fried Griot. Your mouth starts watering and you wonder? Where can I get Haitian Food in Fort Lauderdale? Well thats the reason why this very website was built, by authentic Haitians for Everyone!

Haitian Restaurants in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is home to various cultures, people, and ethnicities. You will find in Fort Lauderdale a few authentic Haitian Restaurants to eat from. Many people seem to believe to get the very best Haitian food in South Florida you have to go deep into Miami or Little Haiti which is not necessarily the case. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida is home to some very real authentic haitian cooks. The beautiful thing about the Fort Lauderdale area is that it ranges from North to South, so depending on what area of Fort Lauderdale you are in you can find some very good hole in the wall Haitian Restaurants where you will enjoy excellent Haitian Cuisine. From Deerfield Beach near the hillsboro area, to Pompano Beach, Cypress Creek, Lauderhill, Sunrise, Plantation, East Fort Lauderdale, and some other areas; there is tons of Haitian Food for everyone.

Where is the Best Haitian Food in Ft. Lauderdale?

This is actually where the adventure begins. The very best Haitian Food is not necessarily something that we can judge on face value or something that is based on a certain criteria. Haitian Food in Lauderdale will not be the same as Haitian food from Haiti. The rice and beans (saus Pwa) may be thicker some places, the legume may be less flavored, the baked macaroni and banan peze may be crispier some places while sweeter in others.

The whole Haitian food experience in Fort Lauderdale, Florida can be a great one, but this all depends on how you look at it! Remember though, to enjoy the haitian food here in Fort Lauderdale, and always try out different places until you find the one you really love.